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Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams

Hope Williams (formerly Welch, Brady, Black, Jennings & Hernandez) is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actress History:[]

  • Kristina Osterhaut (01/1974-08/1974; recurring)
  • Kimberly Weber (10/1974-04/1975; recurring)
  • Natasha Ryan (07/1975-06/1980; recurring)
  • Tammy Taylor (05/1981-01/1982; recurring)
  • Kristian Alfonso (04/1983-04/1987, 04/1990-08/1990 & 05/1994-10/2020)

Other Information:[]

  • Born (on-screen) January 10, 1974 [later changed to December 24, 1964]
  • Hope Alice Williams (full name)
  • Gina Horton (amnesia name)
  • Gina von Amberg (was believed to be under Stefano DiMera's mind control)

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Marital status:[]

  • Single

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